Yummy Noodles

Do these noodles look appetizing and are enough to fill your tummy, though they are not steaming hot? Look  again. These are not palatable—they are actually noodles piggy bank.

Cool, isn’t it?

But this kind of piggy bank will not suit me. Instead of saving, I’ll end up buying food to the point of gluttony. *lol*

4 Comments on “Yummy Noodles”

  1. witsandnuts says:

    Yummeeeeeh! I am a fan of noodles. =p

  2. Lord Allen says:

    What the!? Those are piggy banks? Cool ah!

    • buttonsandpins says:

      You read it right, these noodles are piggy banks. ^_^ Salute to the imaginative and creative piggy bank makers!

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