Starting a new

Happy New Year everyone!

I am very positive that things I will encounter and experience this new year will bring the best in me—and hopefully, in everyone around me too.

How? I’ll start my 2010 with a clear slate. Having a fresh and new start is plausible since I will change and improve some of my ways. Currently, I am redefining and reshaping my comfort zones.  This is for real. This will happen. I intend to FAITHFULLY adhere to the  three resolves I made for a better me in 2010.

Time is fleeting. I will exert more effort to be punctual so I will accomplish things on time. This will eventually give me the opportunity to do things I have not tried before.

Both details and the whole matter. I will be careful and particular to the smallest details so as to come up with more than accepatable whole end-product/results.

And foremost, Health is wealth.  I must have/undergo the past over-due consultation. Also, included here is my promise to sleep earlier then my usual last year. I say Yes! to enough sleep.

Now is the perfect moment to start materializing my resolve. Well, time of the essence, right? Hmmm… I am actually toying with the idea of visiting my long-time-no-see  neuro-pedia (I am refereing to 6 years of  no communication) . *Sigh* I assume that she’ll be of great help on how I’ll face my current dilemma, since I am comfortable with her.

How about you, any resolve for 2010?

One Comment on “Starting a new”

  1. ibyang says:

    great goals for 2010. i wish you luck 🙂

    i will share my personal goals for 2010 soon. have to find time to sit down and write it.

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