Think of this: Excitement

From among the thoughts I have read which made me either sad, enlightened, challenged, or encouraged; I am sharing this one to you.

Do something every day that tickles your whiskers.

Tired of doing the same old things called routine? I do—sometimes. That was why I searched for the possible cure to couteract my “boredom”. The answer is obvious— to grasp exciting things every now and then.

The excitement or spices I looked for aren’t the expensive or new ones. Instead, I tried to remember those within my reach but hardly found time (by discretion) to do. I also thought of the things that are simple yet, I am unfamiliar with and I certainly would love to learn. I came up with this bottom line, or should I say common denominator: the “thing” becomes exciting if it is in line with my interest.

Sensible, right? What else can break the ice better than the things I want to do.

Last week, while I was buried in the middle of  I-want-to-get-rid-of-paper works came the sudden attack of backache. Stressed, I was. (Who isn’t?) To my luck, my officemates’ children came and ask me for something to do (FYI, the boss was not around then, hehehe). A break, finally. I grabbed a couple of scratch papers which I asked them to crumple. To come up with trumphet-like tube, I cut  the end of a bathroom tissues’ tube. Then, I made two connected wings out of an old folder. I sticked the crumpled paper on the wings which make the wings look soft. The remaining crumpled paper was made into a head. Then, the body parts were put together. Presto! an angel. The project was simple, not very impressive, green, and definitely stimulating. But mind you, after a few more minutes, I was back to work refreshed and more eager to finish ASAP.

Hmm… Now its your turn to share. What excites you, especially during crunch time?


The Red Cat Society created by Kevin Whitlark and written by Patrick Regan


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