Catching dragonflies

dragonfly bag

A red bag caught my attention as I dictate the three essay test questions in the Western Thoughts class I was asked to facilitate last week.

This red bag seems like a net containing caught dragonflies. Don’t be deceived (too).  The dragonflies here are intricately embroidered accentuates of the bag.

I really like it! I was unable to help myself but took  a snapshot. *hehehe*

BTW, this dragonflies-filled bag reminded me of  my dragonfly-catching days. ^_^

2 Comments on “Catching dragonflies”

  1. witsandnuts says:

    This brings back memories. =) Nanghuhuli ako ng tutubi nung bata pa ako. Initially, I treated them badly, tinatanggalan ko yata ng pakpak. =(

    • buttonsandpins says:

      Kakapagod manghuli ng tutubi, ano? Hindi naman ako umabot sa pagtatanggal ng pakpak. Paano, bago pa ako makahuli ng isa… hehehe

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