CATurday snapshot #10: Meowth a.k.a Fonzi

meowth a.k.a Fonzi


Meowth have colds. He looks more messy and have a hoarse voice. The way he meows is unusual and funny. He do not or should I say can not eat much because of his poor sense of smell. But He is alert as always.

Because of his colds, I gave Meowth a new nickname—Fonzi. As expected my brother was annoyed with my idea. Well, I can’t blame him. *hehehe*

Actually, Meowth does not respond when I call him Fonzi. He knows his name and obviously is not happy to be teased—an ever-snob Meowth.

3 Comments on “CATurday snapshot #10: Meowth a.k.a Fonzi”

  1. Poor cat … hope he feels better soon.

  2. stella djanellie says:

    i hate cats, but i still hope he feels better soon., “FONZI” get well soon., hehe

    • buttonsandpins says:

      You obviously do not like cats, You just teased Meowth. *hehehe*
      BTW, thatnk you for the kind thoughts.

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