Orange cellphone holder




Yes! I was able to come up with a crocheted cellphone holder using the broomstick lace type of crochet.

I learned about the existence of Broomstick lace at roman sock. I printed the instructions, kept it in my file folder, and just tried to do it last week. Fortunately, I was successful. ^_^

At first, I encountered difficulty in making even-length loops, but I got the hang of it after about three rounds of crocheting. This Orange cellphone holder is the proof  that broomstick lace is not really hard to do.

 This crochet project is another feat I attribute to roman sock. ^_^


This orange cellphone holder is enclosed in the snail mail I gave to JenW! . I hope she will like it.

5 Comments on “Orange cellphone holder”

  1. JenW!~ says:

    For me. I love it! I am working on your letter and will be sending it soon.

  2. Jen!~ says:

    I better get on the ball and get your letter out. Thanks for the lovely gifts.

  3. prinsesamusang says:

    this is so cool! plus it’s orange, my favorite color LOL are you also a part of creative swap? if not, you should be!

    • buttonsandpins says:

      Orange is my current favorite color ^_^ too.

      I would love to be a part of creative swap… maybe soon… if and only if 😉 ….

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