10/30 project: GB Interlocking cellphone holder

The hiatus is over. My creative juices is back!

My first project is my cellphone’s holder called GB (yes, because of the Green and Black threads). This is the first time I used the interlocking block crochet.

Interlocking block crochet

I just hope I have enough energy to work on a project for a 30 minute every night. *fingers crossed*

Wanna be pretty?

I do want to be pretty. Who wouldn’t? Anyway, this post will not focus on beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty being relative is a given since there is the so called individual differences that is an inevitable spice of life.

Anyway, in this brief article I intend to remind each and every one of us that

It takes a lot of effort to be beautiful inside, outside and preferably both.  

Since I am no authority in this matter, I will emphasize that the operative phrase I hold unto while writing this is “personal observation and internalization”.

From my limited knowledge about beauty, I came up with a must-remember list (and are actually a to do list too). These are easy at face value, but I must admit, are far from being “chicken” and are actually difficult yet worth doing because of the perks we may enjoy during the process and in the foreseeable future.

  • It is hard to smile when you are in a bad mood but pasting sunshine in your face prevents the onset of premature wrinkles. It is a whole lot better to have crow’s feet because of hearty laughs, right?
  • There are different types of  beauty products in the market but the brand is not a take-all guarantee for a pretty face. So try products in small quantity until you found the one that is right for you. Remember, it pays to be keen on product details and not only on endorsers.  As Toni said, splurge only on beauty products you love.
  • Beauty requires consistent effort (consistent being the operative word). Following instructions (on amount and frequency) is a must in a beauty regimen. Last minute abs for 5 minutes (or you’ll drop down), pea size cream, application of hair wax for 3 minutes before peel off, applying hair color in sections, a specific portion of food a meal… Need I mention more?
  • Live within your strengths and try to improve your weakness. Focus on the brighter side of life.
  • Lastly, love yourself and be yourself. You’ll definitely be comfortably beautiful.

OMG, I think I’m starting to sound preachy (which is not my intention) so I better stop now.

How about you, any thoughts on staying pretty?

Bulalo at Mahogany Market Eateries

16 August 2013, Tagaytay City. We ate before we prayed. I mean, we had a delightful dining experience before we went to Tagaytay International Convention Center for the SFC Southern Tagalog Regional Conference .


As suggested by kuya Jay-R, we went to Mahogany Market Eateries to have our fill of Tagaytay’s famous sinful beef dish—bulalo as Tagaytay Market is known for its beef produce.

After hopping from one eatery to another we settled a Betchay and Vic Canteen and tried three dishes: Piping hot Bulalo, Gotong Batangas and sizzling Sisig.  Our order came with free sliced sweet pineapple, eat-all-you-can ripe bananas and kapeng barako. Yummy! The Bulalo and Goto’s meat are so tender it seemed to be like melt-in-the-mouth that I ate more portion meat than my usual not to mention my lion share of the crunchy Baguio pechay. It was made more sulit with the refillable broth. Pi and Bernard seem to be experts in getting the marrows. The sisig was so sakto sa panlasa it was gone almost after it was served to us. Kasarap kumain. Are we still to be blamed for those extra rice? *burp*

It was a simple meal made more enjoyable by the very accommodating and all-smiles service crew of Betchay and Vic Canteen. Its a five out of five rating for the food, value and service. 🙂 A highly recommended eatery.

We bragged about this dining experience with our other sibs. Nainggit naman sila. The next day, we returned to Mahogany Market eateries. Upon seeing the SRO Betchay and Vic Canteen, we opted to try another eatery. We settled at Procy’s Canteen and ordered (again) Bulalo and Gotong Batangas. Not-so-fortunately, the meal was not remarkable. The service crew may even benefit from a one day customer service training. Anyway, my rating for Procy’s canteen is three out of five (for their effort).

The verdict: Remember to dine at Betchay and Vic Canteen when you visit Tagaytay. Ako, endorser? Pwede. 🙂

Mahogany Market Eateries is located at Mahogany Avenue, Tagaytay City.

My PDF of WYD Rio to Laguna


27-28 July 2013, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. I am already in my mid-twenteen years it was only my first time to join a World Youth Day event (and just a local one at that). Aileen, Elaine, Yan, RJ and I decided not to join the parade and went straight to the venue instead. The travel was good, thanks to Elaine’s good driving skills.

Our consensus turned out to be the better one. Here are the two perks we enjoyed:

  • we were able to unofficially reserve an almost for SFC-only pavilion
  • we were able to have a pre-busy WYD photo op sessions

Clueless of what are in store for us youth (those in their 40s are the young at heart as mentioned by one of the emcees during the first part of the program), I simply seized each moment and had fun (almost no holds barred). Elaine even mentioned after our photo op that the photos showed I was having fun. Indeed. Who wouldn’t when I have wonderful PhotoSog buddies?


All smiles. 🙂

I have a PDF (could be a portable document format) of the learning I got from the WYD: Participation, Definition of Terms and Fellowship.



Foot Note:

PhotoSog is the sum of photo and busog.
Photos credit: Elaine Ramos and RJ Lamano

Disclaimer: this is a posted article-in-progress

God in Me every God and Me

The worship workshop last July 14 was superb! I really felt my connection with God (though I must admit I still looked around and observed during the first worship of the talk proper).

This video of our community prayer “Hallelujah” still makes me feel overwhelm— a state of being that only hearing (and participating in) a community prayer can bring.



The story behind “Heart of Worship” really covers what worship is.


The manner of worship is only secondary to the intent of personal communication with our Great God.

I believe that the bottom line is “God in Me every God and Me.”



Bonus:  I was lucky to have attended a workshop facilitated by an inspiring witness in (tito) Jay Laquian. 🙂 and *kilig*

A bittersweet June 15

Joint sisters' household last 15 June 2013

                     From L to R: Bim, Noem, Aileen, Renin, Yan, Ebbe, Jam, Jim and Nelle.

Our much-anticipated joint sisters’ household last 15 June 2013 turned out to be a three-in-one event: a welcome session, setting of personal action plans and a celebration of life.

It was the first sisters’ HH session for the newly grad Jam and Jim (Ethel was unable to come) and the first joint Paciano and Calamba sisters’ HH for this year. Sisters bonding was fun (as expected) and the food was great (as always) Thanks Chef Bim. 🙂

Inspired by Mt 5:33-37, We penned our personal oaths on small sheet of paper (also courtesy of Bim). Some of the girls made detailed to do list in a macro and micro level while I came up with a three-word applicable-to-all list. After our group sharing, We vowed that our promises will not remain a mere write-up but we will live by it. Yan collated our oath then a photo op followed (for posterity sake).

This post may seem a happy brief. Yes, we were happy. But behind the happy facade lies mourning hearts because on JC’s untimely passing.  JC was one of the newly SFC CLP grads and I only have a few and limited interactions with him during the CLP. But this fact didn’t make me less sad it was the opposite because I was not lucky enough to experience more “kulit” moments with him. *sigh* Sayang… I was left with no other choice but be contended listening to my sisters accounts on JCs wonderful and everything on the side life. How fortunate you are Yan, Ebbe, Nelle and Noem to have so much memories of him to keep. 🙂

It was a bittersweet night to remember.

Photo credit: RJ Lamano

My 2013 Summer dips

Summer is up and I have two 2013 summer activities to remember: the holiday swim with my workmates and the weekend pastoral cum fellowship with SFC Laguna.

The HR Summer Outing*.

HR Team at Donabelle's Resort

The night-to-day swim, chow, cards, drink and videoke with my TEC HR family.

  • Definitely food trip *yummy*
  • Trip to Calamba Public Market with Sir Nomer
  • Videoke King and Queen:  Jeruz and Lea
  • Swimming 101 with Claredine and Ms. Carla (I still can’t properly swim)

SFC Laguna Heat 8**.
SFC Laguna Heat 8

SFC Laguna at Punta Malabrigo the second time around. It was an INFINITEly blessed and fun-filled weekend getaway.

  • The games were cute and challenging, though I opted to be an spectator than be a player.
  • Bro Joe Gerry’s inspiring talk was a trying time because I was caught between exerting effort to focus on the talk while pacifying the ever-energetic Mico. *hehehe*.
  • Though sleepy, I enjoyed the mornight Search for Mr and Ms One Earth (uhuh, I was able to finish the evening activity).
  • Central One brother’s banter on “the Bachelorette’s list” was a certified LOL.

I am still far from being a swimmer, but I do love these summer dips. ❤ ❤ ❤  Though I did my best to refrain from too much sunlight exposure on both events since I am already okay with my year-round tan. *hahaha*


Photo credits:

* Maryann Tejada

** Aillen Parsaligan, Carlo Garcia, Ethel Ramos and Rhedj Dela Cruz